Look at me now



    LOL & look at me now πŸ‘€


    When I felt that way, the reality was, tennis was really hard (challenging) and it wasn't something i had interest in or requested to learn.


    My Daddy had interest in becoming a coach at his new found love (tennis) and wanted to use me and my brother as his guinea pigs.


    Initially i was NOT the happy camper & long story short look at where my heart and passion lies today!


    I remember having the same feeling when starting Tap Dance, gosh i hated it. At first it seemed like i would never be able to catch on and find my rythm, but i became one of the best and in my recitals I’d be seen front & center πŸ’πŸ½‍♀️


    More recently I’ve transitioned from being afraid of dogs/ not interested in having any animals as a pet to being a Dog Mom to the cutest, calmest puppy, Rummy 🐢


    Life has a interesting way of pleasantly surprising us. Wouldn’t you agree? You feel one way today and completely opposite the next.


    Have you ever had a sudden change of heart towards something or even someone?! 


    Sometimes we have to give things a second chance. This headline is laughable because I love love love tennis and really couldn’t imagine my life without it🎾❀️πŸ₯°


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