Q&A with Cayla

Curious about the inventive mind behind Cross Court Tennis?

How did you get into coaching tennis?

Well, it wasn’t something I just got up and decided to do! The truth is, I’ve been playing tennis all my life—I have a deep passion for the sport. But my life changed, and suddenly I started thinking more about what I enjoy doing. Five years ago I made a promise to my Dad. Four years ago, I took the leap and decided to start coaching. Now, I’m sure it’s my calling! Coaching tennis is what I’m meant to do.

What sets you apart from other tennis coaches?

Growing up, I was coached by my father. He was an impressive coach, who centered caring about his students at the heart of his technique. So, his example taught me how to teach through actually caring—it’s the only way I know how to coach. My father genuinely cared about my well being/ growth. He had my best interest at heart. It wasn’t about money. He taught by example, and that’s the style I have developed. I’m not just here to get paid. I want to make a positive difference in your life or your kids' life through tennis!

What is your coaching style like?

My coaching style revolves around being advocates for your children. I support my students with everything in me! That means I’ll be at all their matches learning together and making notes on what we will improve on before their next tournament. They’ll have a coach and number one fan all-in-one. I believe in having fun while learning, and want my kids to actually look forward to coming to practice.

What if my child has a natural affinity for tennis?

Tennis is a challenging sport. It is very technical and can be extremely intimidating and difficult to grasp. As with everything, some kids will be noticeably better than others. Some will have natural talent, while others will need to work a little harder to develop it. As a coach, when I encounter gifted kids, I support and encourage them. I also make Bermuda aware to support those individuals so that they can compete on an international/professional level.


If you’re on the fence about enrolling your child in my tennis coaching program, I hope these answers helped to allay your fears! Tennis is a great addition to any child’s curriculum, and with the right help they’ll shine. >>Click here to sign up today.<<